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The International Psychotherapy Association brings mental health professionals and faculty together to study with international contributors at the leading edge of the field.




IPAS is an international community of professionals and individuals committed to developing relational perspectives and exploring similarities and differences with other approaches to analysis and psychotherapy.


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This website is a free service provided by The International Psychotherapy Institute. If you have found value in what we offer, please consider supporting our efforts. This website is managed and funded by your generous donations. Thank you!



The International Psychotherapy Association presents national certificate training programs that bring mental health professionals.

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We invite you to become early founders of our new international project. From now on, by making annual contributions, you become the founders of the "Psycman" project. The minimum level remains in the same price segments, in addition, the value of your contributions, we hope, after some time will exceed your expectations, since from now on our IPAS logos become NFT tokens.


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